Hi guys! Thank you for joining me on this adventure called life! This is so exciting! I have been working my buns off to create this place. A place of raw authenticity. So here goes…

I have never felt this passionate and pulled towards something like this. This feeling so deep in my core that no matter what I did, it is always on my mind. So instead of fighting it I started  to get curious. I began to listen to my heart instead of my subconscious talking myself out of it.

So I began to work on my webpage, social media, and most importantly myself. To be completely honest, once upon a time I had self image issues and was nasty to myself. I didn’t speak kindly and was terribly critical every time  I looked in the damn mirror. Spent most of my life like that. Basically no self love. So sad. Let me tell you “be careful what you say to yourself because you are always listening”.  It wasn’t until I really chose to take my life back out of pure desperation the shift began to happen.

Over the last 15 years I’ve been through some shit! Near death, (on my wedding day), Diabetes, divorce, broke as a joke, Graves’ disease, tragic loss, anxiety, panic attacks, the list can go on and on. I was a hot mess! You guys get the point. It wasn’t until my darkest depression /rockbottom that I knew I couldn’t continue on this path. If I did it wasn’t going to end well. So it began… the journey of vulnerability. Now that word used to scare the crap out of me! No joke, I used to think it meant weakness and drama. When in fact it’s the complete opposite!

The day came when I was ready… ready to launch my story to anyone who wanted to listen. To anyone who was stuck and could potentially see their story in mine. To know that they are not alone and that each and everyone of us have a story.

So here I am, super pumped and excited to finally get this website live! All of my hours of hard work to finally tell my story. To prove that no matter what you have happening or has happened you can rewrite your story. To share my darkness and being incredibly vulnerable, raw and real. I mean I couldn’t wait! The excitement and anticipation was killing me!!!

The very second I launched my website I almost puked! Completely terrified! My nerves went haywire! All of this chatter started coming in my head. Self sabotage like you can’t imagine! Repugnant tellings going on inside my mind about me and my story.  I went back to a place I hadn’t seen or listened to in awhile. “The dark side of subconscious”…

I began too question what the hell I was doing… Why am I doing this? Who am I to start a website? Why do I think my story needs to be told? Who am I to share my story? Who gives a fuck about my story? The constant chatter was trying to keep me safe from exposure. Safe from judgment and criticism. Because lets be honest, “haters gonna hate”. Pouring my heart and soul, putting all of my mess out there is scary AF!

Then it hit me like a slap in the face! ” Who am I?” I am that girl that knows her truth and worth. The girl who was completely lost in the darkness but refused to give up because of her love for life. The girl that is shining her light not only on herself but on anyone who needs it! I am that girl that wants to share her story because lets face it, it’s one hell of a story! I am that girl that won’t allow any negativity enter my space. I won’t waste my time or energy on any of it! I know my truth and authenticity. Am I perfect? NO! But that is what I love about me. Progress not perfection. Raw an real is where it’s at. And I am on a mission!

I have only just begun…


So can you, If you choose to.

Its your time.

Much love, Kristin