As you can see by my pictures, the sky is the limit for any adventure that I go on. The most important thing to do is be prepared.
I always have:

~ meter/ insulin 
~ sacks and/or lunch (depending how long this adventure will be and what the weather is)
~ water
~ juice
~ first aid kit
~ hand sanitizer or alcohol wipes

All of these items are kept in my trusty backpack. It’s also important to have good socks and shoes/ boots. I use Smartwool socks. They help prevent hot spots on your feet (blisters). That’s the last thing you want hiking in the mountains or in the middle of nowhere. I also prefer Keen boots, they are nice and wide for my Flinstone feet, they offer great support and traction. I recently purchased Keen’s Newpot Hydro shoe which is perfect for when we go kayaking, boating or fishing. Super comfy and light weight!
It’s not just what you pack in your backpack, but also the gear you use is a huge factor!
You need to always check the weather and prepare for the elements. The hotter it is the more water you bring. You also have to take in to consideration, when you are active in the heat, you will burn up more blood sugar. So, have something with you that will even out your blood sugar. I keep juice on hand for that purpose. Also you want too make sure you are checking your sugar regularly while active. Think of it as a compass that’s keeping you in the right direction. In my experience, I have had low blood sugar feel like high blood sugar and vice versa. When in doubt or you’re not feeling right, check your sugar.
If it’s going to be 86 degrees F or higher I carry a cooling pack with me. Especially if we will be out for a long period of time. As far as cold weather I  keep it on my person. Between the cold air and my body heat the insulin keeps just fine. I’m generally not in cold as long as I am in warm weather. Plus after your insulin is open its fine at room temp for 28 days which is considered 59-86 degrees F. That’s a pretty convenient tip so don’t sweat it.

I live my life with no limits, and you can to. Diabetes doesn’t stop me from anything I have ever wanted to do. Now when I was first diagnosed and learning everything it was a bit of an inconvenience and scary. So I am here to help in any way I can. If you take care of yourself and be prepared on all you adventures there are no limits!

The purpose of life is to know yourself
Love yourself
Trust yourself
And BE yourself