Exercise is crucial to help maintain healthy mind, body and blood sugar. I personally love all kinds of exercise. Whether it’s a yoga flow in my my family room or outside on my deck, playing outside with the dogs, hiking in nature, biking, kayaking, snowboarding, snowshoeing, dancing, or a knock down drag out intense powerhouse work out. 💪  I am always moving my body! Especially outside in nature.  I’m pretty much up for any adventure.
Diabetics are at higher risk for heart disease, depression, poor circulation, just to name a few. I’m here to tell you that exercise can immediately benefit your diabetes control. Even a 5-10 minute walk outside or on a treadmill will help stabilize and lower blood sugar. Exercise will also help you get out of any funk you may be in. Once upon a time I was in a horrible depression and could barely get out of bed let alone workout. But I made a choice… a choice that was only mine to make… I wanted to take my life back. By implementing movement, meditation, mindset and clean eating, my life was transformed! I developed self love and no more judgement on myself or others. I am living my best life!
Nobody has ever regretted a workout. They regret not working out. So get up and move that able body and be grateful that you can! Diabetes life isn’t bad, it’s a very livable disease but you have to take care of yourself if you want to feel good.  I have my ups and downs just like anybody else. But I take much better care of myself and am healthier then most people without diabetes. You can too!

“She is love,
And a little fucking

~ Nicole Lyons