Project Description

Glacier National Park, Montana

This man… This moment… Pure Bliss!

We had been to this spectacular place 6 other times, so we thought what a perfect place to get married! We were blessed to get married in the  backyard of the house we rented in Montana. The completely romantic scene that took place is a moment that will forever be close to my heart. The power of love and deep emotion was felt by everyone who attended. We had 5 guests who witnessed our beautiful wedding. It was the best day of my life… After the ceremony we hit the road!


Tips for Type 1

We drove all over Glacier National Park for pictures so I packed a cooler full of goodies. As my mom would say “enough to feed Coxey’s Army.” I had veggies, sandwiches, kettle chips, trail mix, yogurt with nuts and berries, fruit salad, plenty of water and beverages. Basically a spread of goodies.

Anytime you take a road trip or driving for a few hours you have to plan and be prepared. You never know if there will be traffic or a herd of Bison blocking traffic and you 2 hour drive turns into 4. It pays to be prepared.


“Your relationship with yourself sets the tone

for every other relationship you have.

Especially your significant other.”