Project Description

Grand Teton National Park

What a beautiful experience hiking Lake Solitude. We started our trek at Jenny Lake Trail Head. Its 15.3 miles round trip! The wildlife, and scenery was captivating. This was the longest hike we had ever done in a day, it was worth every step. By the end my legs were like jello but it was so rewarding, not only to hike that distance but to spend so much time exploring and being in the mountains.


Tips for Type-1

As you can see I have a backpack full of goodies. Because this was such a long distance, and a first for me. I over packed a bit. With that said I would rather be over prepared then under. Food, water, juice, glucose tablets, meter, insulin, hand sanitizer, and first aid kit I always have with me on our adventures, doesn’t matter if its a 2 hour or 10 hour excursion. I’d rather be safe then sorry.



“You never know whats around the corner. It

could be everything. Or it could be nothing.

You keep putting one foot of the other, and

then one day you look back and you’ve

climbed a mountain.”

-Tom Hiddleston