Project Description

Vail Mountain, CO

I’m on top of the world!  Check out this incredible view on the top of Vail Mountain! Absolutely spectacular! I was at a women’s retreat. Never been to one before and it was life changing! It was run by Danette May and it was an amazing experience!

About 100 of us took to Berry Picker Trail 6.1 miles up! Some of the women wanted to give up and turn around and some never did anything like this, stepped way outside of their comfort zone. Because I live for stuff like this (adventure) I knew I could encourage and and be there for whoever needed it. At one point one of the ladies had given up. She sat on the ground and said “I can’t.” So I sat with her and let her rest. I spoke kind words and encouraged her that she COULD do this; she was stronger then she thought. That she could do hard things and look how far we’ve come…
I began to feel a shift in her energy, so I jumped up grabbed her backpack and threw it on top of mine. She said “You can’t carry that!” I said, “Yes I can and I will! Now let’s do this!” So I helped her up and off we went.
When we got to the top of the mountain she said to me, “I haven’t followed through with anything in 42 years” she had tears rolling down her cheeks and I will never forget the look on her face. I was so proud of her!
Then it all hit me… everything I did and said to her I needed to do and say to myself. What you see in others is a reflection of yourself.
It was a pretty profound moment for us. Our “Joan of Arc moment”. Every single woman that hiked that mountain had something resonate with them on such a high level. I released so much excess baggage that was holding me down.  I felt a powerful shift in my growth and strength that had been buried so deep, it was almost nonexistent. I felt the weight of the world lift up off of my shoulders! Let the transformation begin…

If you’ve never been on a retreat I highly recommend it. I’ve been to 2 of Danette May’s retreats and it has made such an impact on my life.

Tips for Type-1

For a 6.1 mile hike you definitely want to be prepared. I had a nice big breakfast of eggs and fruit to sustain myself for this awesome adventure! Knowing they were serving lunch at the top, helped me choose what to put in my backpack. I had plenty of water, trail mix with dried fruit, granola, apple juice, beef sticks and string cheese. I kept replenishing my body and checking my sugar as needed to make sure I was stabilized.
As long as you are prepare you can accomplish anything! Live with no limits! Love the life you live!



“To walk in nature is to witness

a thousand miracles.”

-Mary Davis