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The Bride That Almost Died… Part 2

I managed to participate in photographs but it wasn't without help. By this point I was so sickly I could barely stand. I remember being held up by whomever was standing by me during the photo. Right before the picture was taken I was kind of hunched over and definitely not smiling. So the photographer would count and on 3 I stood tall and smiled. As soon as she snapped the picture I basically collapsed in to the arms of who was holding me up. Taking breaks [...]

The Bride That Almost Died… Part 1

September 27th 2003 my life was forever changed... and not just because it was my wedding day. I woke up the morning of my wedding feeling extremely ill. Fresh out of bed I ran straight to the bathroom to vomit. I continued to do so throughout the entire day. It was a complete nightmare! I was very weak and couldn't keep anything down. Everyone kept saying "you're nervous" or "you have the flu." I responded with "I'm not nervous. This is way worse then any flu [...]

Have You Ever Been Excited and Terrified at the Same Time?

Hi guys! Thank you for joining me on this adventure called life! This is so exciting! I have been working my buns off to create this place. A place of raw authenticity. So here goes… I have never felt this passionate and pulled towards something like this. This feeling so deep in my core that no matter what I did, it is always on my mind. So instead of fighting it I started  to get curious. I began to listen to my heart instead of my [...]

How I Prep for ADVENTURE

As you can see by my pictures, the sky is the limit for any adventure that I go on. The most important thing to do is be prepared. I always have:~ meter/ insulin ~ sacks and/or lunch (depending how long this adventure will be and what the weather is)~ water~ juice~ first aid kit~ hand sanitizer or alcohol wipes All of these items are kept in my trusty backpack. It's also important to have good socks and shoes/ boots. I use Smartwool socks. They help prevent hot [...]

Move That Body

Exercise is crucial to help maintain healthy mind, body and blood sugar. I personally love all kinds of exercise. Whether it's a yoga flow in my my family room or outside on my deck, playing outside with the dogs, hiking in nature, biking, kayaking, snowboarding, snowshoeing, dancing, or a knock down drag out intense powerhouse work out. 💪  I am always moving my body! Especially outside in nature.  I'm pretty much up for any adventure. Diabetics are at higher risk for heart disease, depression, poor circulation, [...]

Type 1 and Your Teeth

Ever hear of something called periodontal disease? Well it's no joke! Believe it or not, periodontal disease and diabetes are a two way street. With diabetes increasing the risk for periodontitis, and periodontal inflammation causing negative affects on controlling your blood sugar, its crucial you visit the dentists for regular teeth cleanings and check ups. It's recommended every 6 months, but I go every 4. You can’t be to careful. Maintain your teeth and gums by regular brushing and flossing. I’m not gonna lie, I don't [...]

Stress and Blood Sugar

Overall health is so important living with diabetes. With that said, things happen. Life happens and it can create all kinds of emotions. The thing about diabetes is pretty much everything can effect it. Lets say you are running late for work so you are speeding, you don’t want to be late for that meeting or tardy for school and you are stressing! Well that causes you heart rate to go up which causes that lovely hormone called cortisol to go up. Cortisol is your main [...]

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